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ALLTERE Life Varsity

We, ALLTERE Life Varsity is dignified to be, the best online education provider, which is promoted by www.clubforeducation.com. We got the world's 'The Best' unique online learning platform which gives you very comfortable learning experience.

ALLTERE Life Varsity is an premier online education company that is Backed up by ALLTERE Education Group-Hong Kong. We are business partners to Universities from different parts of the world.

ALLTERE Education Group

ALLTERE stands for ALliance Learning, Training & Education REsources.

ALLTERE Education Group has been in forefront of International Education since the beginning of this century, ALLTERE is an education project management company that manages education projects in China and Philippines. ALLTERE has its registered office in Hong Kong and operational regional offices in India [Asian markets], China [Far East], Malaysia [South East Asia], Mauritius [African Markets] and USA [North American markets]. We are also opening shortly in Dubai [To cover Middle East & North Africa].